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Allkin Singapore's youth service harnesses the potential of youth aged between 10-21 years old, with a focus on uplifting at-risk youths.

What We Do

Allkin Singapore's youth service harnesses the potential of youth aged between 10-21 years old, with a focus on uplifting at-risk youths. Through troubled youth programmes in Singapore including casework, counselling, and groupwork, we enable vulnerable youths and their families to overcome challenges in mental health, substance use, sexuality, offending behaviours and relationships.

Allkin Singapore, appointed by the Ministry of Social & Family Development, leads troubled youth programmes in Singapore, serving as the Integrated Service Provider of diversionary programmes to support at-risk and offending youths. The centre also uplifts youths through Club Infinity, a membership-based preventive and developmental programme that builds confidence and creativity.

How We Enhance & Enrich Lives

Service Provider

Enhanced STEP-UP

The 12-month casework and counselling programme helps students at risk of dropping out or who have dropped out of school. Through the casework sessions and counselling for troubled youth, we journey with youths and their parents towards tackling issues like underage smoking, negative peer influence, mental health, and vocational training.


This system aims helps to identify and divert youth offenders from the criminal justice system through upstream work by conducting interviews with the youths and their parents to assess their risk of re-offending and identify their support systems to determine appropriate intervention.

Theft Intervention Programme

The 4-month specialised treatment group programme supports youths who commit repeated theft offences. This at-risk teen programme aims to address the their behaviours by increasing empathy towards victims and addressing their intrinsic motivations to maintain a theft-free lifestyle.

Guidance Programme

To enable youth offenders to make the right choices for a crime-free lifestyle, our 6-month diversionary Guidance Programme aims to support youth offenders who have committed minor offences and offer those who complete the programme a warning in lieu of court prosecution.

Guidance Programme-PAST (GP-PAST)

GP-PAST is designed for low-risk youth aged 12 to 18 years who have committed sexual offences and builds upon the core modules of the Guidance Programme with the addition of offence-specific modules to target risk factors associated with sexual offending.

Youth Enhanced Supervision

The 6-month structured programme, designed to help first-time youth drug offenders aged below 21, includes regular counselling and family sessions in addition to the urine supervision regime conducted by CNB. Through counselling and family sessions for troubled youth, we aim to foster personal growth and facilitate the development of coping strategies to navigate life challenges.

Specialised Programmes

Post Care Support Service

Designed to support youths from Singapore Girls’ Home, the programme facilitates smoother transition and reintegration back into the community after their discharge from the Home. With the guidance of our social workers, these youths are enabled to better address issues such as family conflicts, education pathways, peer relationships and substance use after their discharge.

Youth Sexuality

YOUth matters, a sexuality programme under the Health Promotion Board that we run to support at-risk youths, aims to equip youths with life skills to make informed decisions concerning sex, raise awareness of STIs/HIV and pregnancy prevention, encourage less permissive attitudes towards casual sex, and promote abstinence and/or secondary virginity.

Club Infinity

Our membership-based programme aims to engage youths in the community and uplift them towards self-discovery. By adopting the Positive Youth Development (PYD) framework, Club Infinity mobilises community partners and volunteers to help youths achieve the framework's key qualities of competence, connection, confidence, character, caring and contribution. Learn more here.

Project Befriending and Mentoring (B.A.M)

Project B.A.M is a youth befriending programme that engages volunteers as positive role models to mentor youths towards successfully overcoming their challenges and inculcating positive life and social skills.


Run collaboratively with our Family Service Centre @ Ang Mo Kio 230, Heartship is a curated art programme that aims to unlock participants' confidence through self-expression and identity exploration. By guiding youths towards creating art across various mediums, the programme fosters a sense of mastery and enables them to encapsulate their emotions and experiences.

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